Analysis & Action

During the Mapping phase of a project our team will work with the developer, project engineer, and attorney through conception to final map recordation. The 5-7 step process includes tentative map review, providing existing property recorded documents, delivering a Preliminary Title Report, recording project documents, and consulting with project participants. Dependent on the project, other services may be provided for condominiums and DRE processing.

Our Mapping services include:

  1. Tentative map review with client’s project engineer
  2. Provide project engineer with vesting deed(s), recorded maps, recorded easements and other recorded documents necessary to prepare and process the project map(s) and plans
  3. Preliminary Reports/Title Commitments are provided for subdivision mapping purposes. These reports and the subsequent Subdivision Guarantee are provided to the city and/or county for recordation of the map. They include the current owners and the nature of all recorded title interests that appear on the title sheets of the map in accordance with the requirements of the Subdivision Map Act and local ordinances.
  4. We obtain the condominium plan from client’s engineer and review it for accuracy and consistency with the proposed CCRs, as prepared by the project attorney.
  5. Coordinate with client on DRE processing. Review for recordation the final CCRs, condo plan, sample sale-out grant deed, and required reports

Download PDF: Builder Services Mapping Phase Flyer (PDF)