VP, Account Executive

Linda Klypluk has been with the company since 2004. She is an industry veteran with over 24 years of title experience. She began her career in the title industry as a Bureau of Real Estate Coordinator helping developers obtain Public Reports. Since 2000, Linda has been working in her current position as a Subdivision/Commercial Sales Executive. She enjoys when developers start new projects and eagerly approach her for advice from inception to completion. Linda likes being the 'go to' person to handle her client's title insurance needs from the acquisition of the land, the construction loan, the subdivision title work, BRE processing for Public Report right through to the sale of individual units. Linda's knowledge of the Public Report process and her network of consultants (engineers, lenders, attorneys, budget preparers, and brokers) allow her to better assist and coordinate title transactions. Her attention to detail and ability to work through challenges allow her to handle all types of title transactions including subdivisions, receiverships, REOs, apartment buildings, hotels, and other types of commercial transactions.

We are dedicated to ensuring your transaction is handled with accuracy, honesty and efficiency from initial contact to closing.

Linda was born and raised in Massachusetts. She is a graduate of Cedarville College in Ohio and holds a B.A. in Business. She moved to California in 1982, where she met her husband of nearly three decades.