VP, Escrow Manager

There is a saying that, "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach". As Senior Escrow Advisory Officer for Fidelity National Title, Lisa Wikert does both. Guided by her personal motto "Details, details, details. It's all in the details", Lisa focuses on the escrow matter at hand and implications for mishandling it, then guides escrow personnel accordingly. She elaborates, "The details are so important in the job of managing an escrow, and there's very little room for error without big consequences. So, I continually stress to employees that it should always be about paying attention to the details". The approach serves Lisa well as she provides internal and external support to the Fidelity National Title National Commercial Services and Builder Services Division employees and customers of eight Fidelity branches in Southern California and Seattle. She sees her key role as maximizing every opportunity to provide personnel the information, training, and resources to excel in their positions. She finds reward in not only doing the work, but mentoring others. Lisa speaks highly of Fidelity, offering that, 'Since 1998, and long before the acquisition of Chicago by Fidelity, I've been fortunate to have had access to some of the industry's best legal, title and escrow professionals. They've welcomed my continuous questions and shared with me and others their knowledge and expertise. They've also encouraged my desire to learn and to pass along that knowledge to others.

I'm passionate about life, and each day is precious, But I tend to be a workaholic, because I really do love what I do -- and I love teaching escrow!

"I believe that, throughout the FNF family of companies, we have the best title, escrow, underwriting and legal professionals in the industry." Lisa's commitment to work and learning prompt her to strive for balance between work and play. Married with four children and one grandchild, she observes, "Looking at my family, even if only for a second, can turn the most trying day into the most wonderful moment." She also makes time for charity running events, with plans to one day qualify for the Boston Marathon. Law school is another future goal.